The Ground Marketing Course Curriculum

Here's a sneak peek of how the course looks inside

  • 1

    Unit ONE - Introduction

    • Introduction To Your Ground Marketing Course
    • The Ground Marketing Challenge
    • Ground Marketing Students
    • Facebook Group & Sign - Up Sheet
  • 2

    Unit TWO - Finding Locations To Do Ground Marketing

    • Understanding & Doing The Community Research
    • Radius Check
    • RECAP
    • Example of Community Research
    • Example of a Radius Check
  • 3

    Unit THREE - Fitness Facilities

    • Ground Marketing To Fitness Facilities
    • Walking Into Fitness Facilities
    • Calling Fitness Facilities
    • Don't Forget
    • Walking Into Gyms and Calling Scripts
  • 4

    Unit FOUR - Children Centers

    • Ground Marketing To Day Cares & Schools
    • Getting Into Day Cares
    • Getting Into Private Schools
    • Getting Into Pediatric Medical Offices
    • Power Point Packet To Know What To Do & Say During Presentations At Day Cares/ Schools
    • Script for Day Cares
    • Script for Ground Marketing to Pedo Offices
  • 5

    Unit FIVE - Seniors

    • Ground Marketing To Senior Living Facilities
    • Getting Into Senior Living Facilities
    • Essential Marketing Tips For Seniors
    • Script for Senior Citizens
    • Facts to Keep in Mind About Marketing to Seniors
  • 6

    Unit SIX - Apartments

    • Ground Marketing To Apartments
    • Walking Into Apartments
    • Calling Apartments
    • Essential Reminders
    • Walking Into Apartments Script
    • Calling Apartments Script
  • 7

    Unit SEVEN - Local Community Stores

    • Ground Marketing To Your Local Stores
    • Getting Into Larger (Corporate) Stores
    • Getting Into Pharmacies & Specific Stores
    • S.T.E.A.L.T.H.
    • How To Call Stores & Get Your Foot In Their Doors Script
    • S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Script
  • 8

    Unit EIGHT - Medical Locations

    • Introduction To Medical Locations
    • 5 Things You Must Look For When Doing Community Research
    • Getting Into Medical Locations
    • Tips & Pointers
    • Script for Medical Locations
  • 9

    Unit NINE - Restaurants

    • Ground Marketing To Restaurants
    • Script for Tactic 1
    • Script for Tactic 2
    • Script for Tactic 3
    • Script for Tactic 4
    • Back-Up Tactic
  • 10

    Unit TEN - Creating & Building Pipelines

    • Building Pipelines In Your Community
    • Building Pipelines with Banks
    • Building Pipelines with Coffee Shops
    • Building Pipelines with Realtors
    • Building Pipelines with Hotels
    • Building Pipelines with Health & Wellness Spas
    • Pipeline Reminders
    • Pipeline Script for Banks
    • Pipeline Script for Coffee Shops
    • Pipeline Script for Realtors
    • Pipeline Script for Hotels
    • Pipeline Script for Health & Wellness Spas
  • 11

    Unit ELEVEN - Organizing Your Ground Marketing

    • Organizing Your Ground Marketing
    • Ground Marketing Workbook
    • Ground Marketing Calendar
    • Ground Marketing Workbook Template
    • Fresh Calendar Links
  • 12

    Unit TWELVE - Performing At Events For Optimal Results

    • How To Perform Your Best At Events
    • How To Strategically Set Up Your Booth
    • How To Act, Speak, & Perform At Your Booth
    • How To Schedule Appointments On The Spot
    • My Top Tools For Ground Marketing At Events
    • Example of Booth Set-Ups
    • Ground Marketing Scripts for Events
    • How You Can Turn Leads At Events To Appointments In Your PMS On The Spot
    • My Top Tools for Ground Marketing at Events
  • 13

    Unit THIRTEEN - Calling Your Leads

    • The Importance of Calling Leads Effectively
    • How To Call Leads Effectively
    • Lead Calling Workbook
    • Calling New Patients for the First Time Script
    • Leaving A Voicemail When Confirming An Appointment
    • Confirming An Appointment Script
    • If They Say No When Confirming An Appointment
    • Leads Workbook Template
  • 14

    Existing Patient Analysis

    • How To Analyze Your IP's Workplace
    • Calling IP's Workplace
    • Reminders
    • Existing Patient Analysis Script
    • Calling IP's Workplace Script
  • 15

    Monthly Q&A Meetings

    • JULY 2019 | Sandy Pardue
    • Verbal Skills For When A Patient Asks: "Do you accept my insurance"?
    • AUGUST 2019 | Samantha Leonard
    • Ground Marketer Job Description Template
    • S.W.O.T. Workbook
    • SEPTEMBER 2019 | Justin Morgan | How to skyrocket your SEO with Ground Marketing.
    • Learn the 2-step Process to Determine if SEO is a Good Investment for You.
    • OCTOBER 2019 | Drew Sparks | New Patient Journey
    • NOVEMBER 2019 | Heidi Mount | Uncovering Opportunities to Grow Your Practice
    • 10 Secrets to Increasing Tomorrow's Revenue
    • DECEMBER 2019 | Dr. Kapil Kella & Joe Chikarillo | How To Schedule New Patients On The Spot
  • 16


    • Brookdale Senior Home (LIVE CALL)
    • YMCA Facility (LIVE CALL)
    • Trinity Senior Homes (LIVE CALL)
    • Orange Theory Fitness Gym (LIVE CALL)
    • LIVE Ground Marketing Calls on The Dental Marketer Podcast
    • Live Videos of Michael Ground Marketing
    • Seeking A Ground Marketer Job Post AD Template


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Once you are enrolled in the course, you will have access for a year.

  • What do I do if I need help?

    You will have your OWN private EXCLUSIVE Ground Marketers Facebook Group once your enrolled in this course. That way we can answer any questions and concerns immediately. Thanks!

  • How long is the course?

    I want you to hit the ground running! So once you get to lesson 3, I REALLY want you to start making things happen! However, this is no short and quick course, there are well over 50 videos and this doesn't even include the bonus material (by the way.. we continue to add to this course). So definitely take your time with it but EXECUTE each strategy effectively!